Friday, July 9, 2010

Dayofjen is on YouTube

Check it out, my dayofjen YouTube account: Jenny Stradling

Expect to see videos and comments about:

My Kids:
Ashton Stradling - 12 - Skateboarding Videos
Abi Stradling - 9 - Acting and music Videos
Eli Amato - Cute baby stuff!

My Boyfriend:
Giovanni Amato - the best singer in the world!

Me: Jenny Stradling - random SEO, PPC, link building, online marketing videos.... as well as mommy stuff, music, stuff that makes me laugh, family videos and random sh*t.

About Me:

Jenny Stradling:
Dreamer, lover, believer, Mommy, hard worker, best friend, daughter, sister, SEO, wine drinker, coffee lover, artist, writer, marketer, net-worker, yogi, cook, computer nerd.

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